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By epeters, epicor

The Reclaimed Bytes graph . . . has issues. There are times where lots of reclaim events occur in short periods, resulting in columns of squares on the graph, but we lose the ability to tell the graphs apart. See: https://imgur.com/a/nRNnFNX That graph is done using an exponentially decayed weighted moving average. (Big fancy words, but it's perhaps the most simple moving average to implement... y(x+1) = y(x)*.9 + measurement*.1 -- except the requirements here would make it a bit more complicated (log and exponent to handle variable time intervals). In the case of the graph I linked, it's recording single events. It only ever sees single documents to process, but it may see documents with 0ms gaps or 10 hour gaps between them. Rather than a row of dots at zero or 1 document, the weighted average makes the workload much much more clear, which is something I think might benefit the reclaimed bytes graph, and I'm wondering if such a graph may indicate one of the activity spikes on May 7th is noticeably different from the others. Then again, too many different ways to show the same data may confuse users . . .


This is such an incredibly useful tool for analyzing garbage collection. I love this!


this makes my work so much more fun, thank for this free tool. i love it


Really Helpful in fine tuning JVM


you guys are awesome


awesome tool..Helped us so much in the analysis of a production issue , in nailing down the issue


I registered here, but still can't see the report on detected problems.


I registered here, but still can't see the report on detected problems.


great tool


good for me

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